Twenty five years have passed since I began searching for Tunick ancestors. Along the way I have encountered many Tunicks who believe, as I do, that all Tunicks are related. Today there are over 9,350 Tunick or Tunik descendants and relatives listed on this site.

Most Tunicks or Tuniks of Eastern European ancestry can be traced to small towns in the Minsk region of Belarus. Stolbtsy, Belarus is 45 miles southwest of Minsk and was home to the majority of our Tunick Ancestors. The ultimate goal is to unite all Tunicks of Eastern European ancestry by finding a common ancestor from the 17th century. This goal is closer but remains illusive.

The Tunick Tree will never be completed because to do so would require knowledge of all people whoever lived. With no beginning and no end, it is time to share what is known, replete with errors and omissions. Additions and corrections are requested and are sincerely appreciated. Please take the time to help. With each passing generation so much is lost forever.

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 The Tunick and Tunik Family Trees.
TreeThis database contains over 9,350 individual Tunick Ancestors, descendants and relatives. These files are an amalgam of my research, the research of many others, and family histories sent to me from all over the world. If you cannot find your Tunick Branch or Tunick relative, please contact me so that your information can be added to our Tree. Please notify me of any errors or additions using the email link above.

Access to these files is password protected to prevent robotic indexing and robotic searching.
 The User-name and Password are both Tunick (note the capital T).
To protect privacy, dates and places are omitted for living persons (born after 1924 with no death date).

Stolbtsy and Belarus

         Star Stolbtsy, Belarus These pages provide historical information, maps, and photos of our ancestral city.

          Belarus Archives The National Historical Archives Of Belarus (NIAB) contains hundreds of Tunik records (1811-1915).

          Tunik Partisans Belarus Resistance fighters against the Nazis 1941-1944

          Tuniks Murdered during the Holocaust A necrology of hundreds of Tuniks murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators.

          Stolbtsy Yiskor (Memorial) Book
Former residents of Stolbtsy authored this book as a tribute to their former city and to the people who were murdered during the Holocaust. The book was published in 1964 and contains 550 pages written in Hebrew and Yiddish. It is an excellent source for learning about Jewish communities in Eastern Europe. The book is partially translated on Jewish Genealogy. Chapters which have been translated into English appear as blue links.

U.S. Immigration Records

          Ellis Island immigration records lists 88 Tunicks (1892-1924).

          Castle Garden pre Ellis Island immigration records lists 16 Tunik/Tunicks (1820-1896).

Census Data

          United Kingdom Census lists 43 Tunicks (1841 and 1901).

          1800'S U.S. Census lists 32 Tunicks living in the U.S.A. prior to the arrival of immigrants from Eastern Europe.

          1900 U.S. Census lists 75 Tunicks/Tuniks.

          1910 U.S. Census lists many Tunicks/Tuniks.

          1915 N.Y. Census lists 76 Tunicks.

          1920 U.S. Census lists many Tunicks/Tuniks.

          1925 N.Y. Census lists 142 Tunicks/Tuniks.

          1930 U.S. Census lists many Tunicks/Tuniks.

          1940 U.S. Census lists 317 Tunicks/Tuniks.

Death Records

         Candle   Tuniks murdered during the Holocaust.

          Social Security Death Index lists 238 Tunicks (1962-2014).

          California Death Records lists 49 Tunicks (1940-1997).

          NYC Death Records lists 65 Tunicks (1895-1946).

          Florida Death Records lists 35 Tunicks (1936-1998).

Cemeteries and Graves

          Stolbtsy Jewish Cemetery lists 12 Tuniks (1914-1936).

          Stolbtsy Jewish Cemetery (The entire collection) contains 578 gravestone photos (1818-1940).

          Veterans Cemeteries lists 9 Tunicks (1800-2010).

          "Find a Grave" Web Site lists over 200 Tunicks/Tuniks. Some entries include gravestone photos.


         Origin of Tunicks/Tuniks

         Mormon Church Records 1550-1800

         New York County Naturalization Petitions lists 41 Tunicks (1907-1924).

         NYC Marriages lists 39 Tunick marriages (1908-1936).

         World War I Draft Registration lists 45 Tunicks (1917-1918).

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